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How painful are root canals in Fort Lauderdale?

Root canals have a terrible reputation, but that's all it is. The myth of painful root canals stems back to decades ago when modern dental techniques and sedation were not available. The actual truth is that root canals eliminate and end tooth pain instead of cause it. 

Root canals are incredibly important in maintaining your oral health, relieving your pain, and saving a tooth that would be extracted in other conditions. It's important to remember that the only pain that is actually associated with root canals is tooth pain that precedes it and is treated by the dental procedure. 

Not Your Grandparent's Root Canal Therapy

One wonderful and exciting aspect of dentistry is that techniques, knowledge, and technology are always improving and advancing every year. This means that any dental procedure you undertake is designed to be efficient, pain-free, and beneficial—including the field of endodontics (root canal treatments). Advanced dental technology allows your Fort Lauderdale dentist, Dr. Raynald Michel, to undertake gentle and stress-free root canal procedures. You won't feel anything during your dental procedure. 

The only time you may feel any discomfort or soreness is after the procedure; this should not last long, but we are always happy to prescribe medication to offset any pain and to prevent infection. 

Do you have any questions or concerns about root canal therapy in Fort Lauderdale? Call Raynald Michel DDS today to schedule a root canal evaluation with Dr. Michel or to talk to anyone on our experienced dental staff. 


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