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Do you offer emergency dental services?

Jaw Pain | Emergency Dentist Fort LuaderdaleDo you have chipped, cracked or broken teeth, abscesses or a toothache? You may have a dental emergency that needs immediate attention or dental surgery.

Dental accidents can happen any time, day or night, and sometimes when most places have already closed. Some oral injuries can wait until the next day, but some may need immediate treatment. 

When Is it an Emergency?

If you have a knocked out or broken tooth; we may be able to save your tooth through surgical intervention. Make sure you keep the tooth in a safe space, try to rinse it off and cover it in milk or your saliva to keep the tissues from drying. Other dental emergencies include a sharp tooth or jaw pain that may come from an abscessed tooth or infection. If you believe that you need emergency dental care, call Raynald Michel DDS. Our dental team will do their best to make you an appointment for the same day. 

Don't Live in Pain

If you are suffering from intense pain, contact our Fort Lauderdale, FL, dental office immediately. Even if your dental emergency occurs after-hours, or during a holiday, we are here for you. We know that dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them, which is why we are devoted to alleviating your pain and discomfort and fixing any dental issues as quickly as we can. 

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