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How long will the first visit last?

Woman | Dentist in Fort LauderdaleAt Raynald Michel DDS, we understand that many of our patients lead busy lives and have hectic schedules. We work hard to keep your teeth and gums clean without changing your lifestyle.

During your first dental cleaning with us, Dr. Michel will scrape off any buildup of plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your teeth and along your gumline. The spaces between your teeth are flossed and cleaned as well. If you are experiencing any tooth or jaw pain during the procedure, or before you walked in the dental office, please let your dentist know. 

Dental X-Rays On Your First Visit

Dr. Michel will take x-rays using modern dental equipment that can see down to the roots of your teeth; allowing him to observe any infections, abscesses, pockets, cysts, tumors, or other health concerns. For your first visit with us, your dentist will take a complete look at your teeth, gums, and bone structure. Dr. Michel will make dental notes into your digital records to keep track of your progress and to document any changes. 

If no problems or issues come up, the first dental visit can be relatively quick. Since Dr. Michel uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that accelerate the time to make images, x-rays, and more; your time in the dentist chair is usually less than most other dental offices. Contact our office to see if we can fit into your schedule, and let us know what your needs are!

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