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Three Reasons We Recommend Teeth Whitening

December 15, 2019
Posted By: Raynald Michel DDS Team
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Do you maintain routine, regular dental check-ups and cleanings, but you aren’t completely satisfied with your smile? Do you have yellow or brown stained teeth that embarrass you when you smile?

You might be tempted to try an over-the-counter tooth whitening kit, but this typically ends in wasted time and money. Getting your teeth professionally whitened at Raynald Michel DDS is effective, reliable, and removes years from your appearance.

While there are many benefits to professional teeth whitening, the three main reasons to visit your Fort Lauderdale, FL dentist are:

Improved Confidence

Having a dull smile often results in hidden smiles, especially during photos. When your teeth are visibly whiter, you may find yourself showing it off at any opportunity. Years of drinking coffee, tea, and wine just melt away, as if someone took a Magic Eraser to your teeth. Your smile will immediately stand out in photos, and your personal self-worth will increase immediately. 

Better Results Over Store Brands

When you walk down the oral hygiene aisle at the store, you might be tempted to pick up a store brand with flashy colors and large promises. The truth is, you will never get the professional level peroxide strength you would find with your cosmetic dentist, Dr. Michel.

On top of that, some brands actually contain harmful abrasive ingredients that might further damage your enamel. Remember, while enamel is one of the hardest substances in your body, it cannot regenerate itself. Once you damage your enamel, it cannot be restored. This is why it is vital to treat your enamel kindly. 

The Years Will Melt Away

Staining will eventually occur over time, even if you stay far away from common staining culprits like coffee, tea, wine, alcohol, or tobacco products. Youth is often associated with pink, healthy gums and white, stain-free teeth. By lifting the general stains that occur over time, you immediately melt years from your appearance. 

In short, we recommend staying far away from store brands, which may damage your enamel beyond repair. Instead, save your money and have this life-changing procedure performed by a dental professional. 

If you think you are ready for a brand-new smile, please give your Ft. Lauderdale cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ray Michel, a call!

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