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What Your Fort Lauderdale Dentist Can Do for You

January 5, 2020
Posted By: Raynald Michel DDS Team
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At Raynald Michel DDS, we know how quickly time can fly. Sometimes it can seem like you came into your Fort Lauderdale dental office for a tooth cleaning and exam, and before you know it, you’re due again. Patients might put off going to their dentist because of dental anxiety, a busy schedule, or simply because they don’t feel any dental pain and feel like their oral health is perfect.

If you’ve decided to make a dental appointment with Dr. Raynald Michel, we have a few tips that maximize your time with us and might even save you a future emergency dental trip!

Do You Grind or Clench Your Teeth?

Grinding or clenching are actually quite harmful to your oral health because they can quickly lead to enamel erosion that can cause cavities or even cracked or broken teeth. Additionally, clenching your jaw can store lots of stress and anxiety, so we recommend bringing these issues up when you come in to see us. 

A good way to know if you might be grinding your teeth at night is if you find yourself consistently waking up with headaches, jaw joint pain, or if your jaw pops. 

Sensitive or Painful Teeth

When you experience pain in your body like muscle cramps or headaches, the pain typically goes away, and there likely isn’t cause to see a healthcare professional. When it comes to your teeth and gums, however, pain or sensitivity often indicates an underlying dental issue that can quickly become a costly problem. 

When you come in for your routine dental check-up and cleaning, you can tell Dr. Michel directly about any pain when chewing or biting, bleeding or tender gums or temperature sensitivity when drinking or eating hot or cold foods and beverages. And, you’re in a perfect spot for being evaluated using digital x-rays, panoramic x-rays, intraoral camera, or digital sensors to diagnose any oral health issues.

The sooner we can determine there is a dental problem, the quicker we can start treating and healing it. Don’t ever live with tooth pain or try to wait it out; it will only get worse!

How You Can Keep Healthy at Home

Most Fort Lauderdale patients forget about their oral health until they experience pain or bleeding. For many of us, as long as we brush and floss our teeth daily, we can just assume our dental health is in perfect shape, right?

The problem is that many dental issues are asymptotic, meaning that they have few symptoms. This is why dental exams are so vital to determining if you have silent problems that don’t present any signs. 

Dr. Michel and his excellent dental staff are happy to make recommendations for toothpaste, toothbrushes, special mouthwashes for gingivitis, water piks, and dental floss that are specific for your dental needs. 

Dental Cleanings in 33306

Call your Fort Lauderdale dentist to schedule a dental check-up and exam and to discuss any problems, pain, or concerns you may have about your oral health. 


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