Fort Lauderdale Toothache

Fort Lauderdale Toothache

Would you know what to do if you suddenly felt a dull ache in one of your back teeth or if you felt a shooting pain whenever you bit down into a piece of food? At the office of Dr. Raynald Michel, we provide prompt, compassionate, state-of-the-art care to treat a 33306 toothache as well as a wide spectrum of dental emergencies. Our experienced office team makes your urgent call our number one priority and will do everything we can to help you start feeling better right away.

When you have a 33306 toothache, calling our office is the fastest way to get much needed relief and can make the difference between saving and losing your tooth. We strive to mitigate any stress, anxiety or discomfort you may experience, as soon as you walk through our doors. A toothache is one of the most common causes for an emergency visit, and can include a variety of unpleasant sensations, such as sensitivity to hot and cold, pain when biting down or a persistent discomfort that may worsen over time. As a first step in care, our dentist will perform a comprehensive emergency examination, to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms. Then, with an accurate diagnosis, we can deliver the precise and gentle care needed to resolve the problem, alleviate your toothache and prevent subsequent damage to your oral health. Our compassionate, experienced professional team will keep you informed and at ease throughout your emergency visit, and will answer any questions you may have regarding treatment.

When you have a 33306 toothache, being prepared can make a difference. Next time you visit us at the office of Dr. Raynald Michel, be sure to discuss protocol for handling a toothache or any other type of dental emergency. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call today.

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